Monday 23 March 2009

Sub-urban-burbiton - # 09/36

First: a compliment to Freefalling who caught the sense of what I was trying to capture in the previous post # 09/35. The derelict catchment pools of Seething Wells have a degree of "sinisterosity" that is remarkably strong. It's nice to know that sometimes a photgraph "works" like you want it to.

While Seething Wells has a kind of presence that overawes, the post # 09/34 tried to capture a sort of "magical non-event"..............No. 1 Electric Parade is a garage housing a woodworking outfit: and No! it is not the secret laboratory of either Batman or even Flash Gordon, although I wish it were.

So what's this # 09/36 (a co-incidence of number, for I'm now talking 1930 or thereabouts).........It's an exciting Art Deco icon of suburban blandness. Kingston.....once the Capital City of Saxon England of the 10th now the ultimate Suburbia; a suburban town that actually has its own suburbs! Hence "sub-urban-burbiton" or to put it blandly Surbiton, the ultimate suburb of the England of the 1930s - Oh, Brave New World!

The mini-series "Suburban Sundown" tried to capture some of it. But here we go again. A magical non-event if ever there was one.


  1. The suburban and urban areas, too, everywhere the same faceless buildings. They could be everywhere.

  2. Ce garage est très "dépaysant" avec ses formes douces. Très époque 1930. Ou alors très américain, les voitures même paraissent très allongées.
    Quelque part ce pourrait un élément de décor d'un tableau d'Edward Hopper.

  3. Wow - I'm surprised at my own intuitiveness!

    Surbiton - that's where Tom and Barbara live!

  4. I have always mixed feeling regarding these 1920-30 buidlings. They are often very pure with nice lines... but they are "cold" and need to be permenantly repainted, freshended up... If not well maintained, they lose completely their charm - in my mind.

  5. Magical non -event. That makes me laugh and pause and think that could sum up my blog most days. This one's lost its charm as Peter pointed out.
    Brave of you C.

  6. So you decided to visit me in my new location :-) Don't forget about Riverside part of Surbiton.