Friday 6 March 2009

Da Bar Fly's got rhythm - # 09/29

My friend, the Bar Fly, turned up last night and insisted on going to the Grey Horse in Kingston. "Delores Hylton is singing with great bongo, sax, and two guitars in support!"

"But" (I reminded him) " I always get carried away and go beyond myself at the Grey Horse. As a live venue it's just too exciting for me".

"Tush! We're going to hear Delores" he said.

So, here we are (or rather: here she is).

I used the Olympus C7070wz compact, which is a little bit under powered for this job; but the lens has done extremely well picking out the brick work which at least stood still! Being a masochist I enjoy struggling with available light shots.


  1. This is just how a bar looks to me, except I did not realise that the bricks stood still ...

  2. Available light is best but it ain't easy. This is well done. Bravo!

  3. Masochist??? HAR!! I'm with you! I would have loved to have joined you . Looks like a fine time was had by all.

  4. It has a nice swing to it this image, but available light is not easy with that combination of camera light and subject. I find myself transfixed by the details of plumbing and electrics. Throw your inhibitions away and elbow your way in with the E3 and a fast prime

  5. Great shot; no reason for complaints...
    Have a great week!

  6. Extraordinaire, comment as tu donc pu faire cela ?
    Tu attires l'attention sur l'appareillage des briques alors que j'ai surtout été attirée par le visage de la jeune femme. Donc seul le visage et le mur sont nets au milieu d'un monde flou. Est ce qu'on peut parler du Cheshire Cat qui disparait et ne laisse plus que son sourire ? La salle a disparu, seul demeure le mur et le visage de la chanteuse...

  7. are so right. I'm cross with myself for not taking the E3 and the 14-35 1:2. It was made for this shot!

  8. I think you can be quite happy with the result; the atmosphere is well felt - at least by me!

  9. Hi Peter - sure it has a good feel. I wasn't being mean-spirited but I think it has the possibility to be a great photo and Chuckeroon must strive for the über-photo!

  10. I like it.
    It makes me feel good.
    Did you have a bogie?
    (or boogie - I'm not sure which.
    just to be clear - I'm talking about dancing,
    not nose stuff)