Tuesday 30 November 2010

Gleitschutz bei Eis und Schnee - # 105/10

This year I'm prepared for everything.  Well, I think I am.


  1. Plastic nipples on your wetsuit.
    Can't see the point, myself.
    But if it's what you want....

  2. @FF.......yeah,yeah; loud and gobby as usual! And who's going to win the Ashes again this year? But seriously, these spikes are the business. They're guaranteed to rip up anyone's nice polished oak floor.

  3. OH MY GOD.
    I've just turned the tele on.
    3 overs into the 2nd test and we are 3/11!!!!
    It's a black day for Australia.

  4. OK, this Alabama girl is in the dark here. I've no clue and your commenters didn't help me either. Come on , let me in on this one!

  5. @Virginia.........not being an Australian or English you wouldn't understand. No point in even trying to explain. FF's on a downer, and she knows it. Peter grew up in England so he's in on the whole story.