Monday 29 November 2010

Westminster meltdown - # 104/10

Did I mention how perishingly cold it was last Friday? It really dampens one's enthusiasm for waiting for the "right" moment.  Finally I could wait no longer and snapped the Houses of Parliament at sundown in this way.

The result looks as if a nuclear explosion is developing nicely inside the chamber of the House of Commons, and the central spire, on the extreme left, between the Lords (out of shot) and the Commons has already developed a nasty lean-in towards the structure already weakened by the first stages of the catastrophe.

However, in the centre background, the square tower of Westminster Abbey (flying its little flag) built almost 1,000 years ago by William the Conqueror, is standing solid, and the ultra-secure brand new Portcullis House  (On the right with the chimneys) full of MP's offices etc will probably survive.

This shot is a good example of "learning by doing".  Meaning that afterwards I was well and truly done in.


  1. Don't slip on black ice, PLEASE !
    Gorgeous photo, the thumbnail really stands out on the portal.

  2. I think this is a spectacular shot. The light is perfect.

  3. A wonderful monochrome photo, Chuckeroon! I love the silhouettes, too!

  4. I echo Nathalie's caution. You be careful!!!

    Now this is one fine shot. I think you waited just long enough. Parfait!

  5. Love the silhouette, that sky, not sure about your bomb description tho! Seriously it's a beautiful shot and next time wear your thermal underwear and if you haven't got any, get some.