Thursday 4 November 2010

Looking downriver, Richmond - # 88/10

My wife passed away on 23rd October.  Things have been difficult for quite a long time, which accounts, in part for my erratic posting record.  Things have now changed and I will be wondering what to do with all the time that will now be exclusively mine to occupy.

At this point I should thank one or two regular watchers of RuT, who have been aware of the difficulties, for their kindness and concern.

These few recent weeks of Autumn have been outstandingly good.  The colours and the sunlight, excellent.  Shortly before her passing Heather was encouraging me to get out and leave her alone.  She wanted me to take some time for myself.  Actually this was taken 10 days after her departure.  I'll be presenting the other choice views over the coming days.

This is a classic Richmond shot.  I took it because I wanted to capture the attraction of the roofline and of course the effect of the Autumn colours and the sunlight.  It all looks too good to be true, doesn't it.


  1. My condolences on your loss. Thanks you for sharing your work and talent with us.

    Dave Ladner

  2. I feel very sad today. It's a cloudy day here in Montreal and your picture of Richmond (that I left 8 months ago to come to Canada for 18 months), made me realize how much I miss it. How much I miss that particular view of Richmond and the place I used to live (Twickenham).
    We'll be back next summer and can't wait to be back.
    We really miss it. I guess not as much as you miss your wife.

    Thanks for keeping my bond with Richmond and Twickenham strong.

    Say hi to her.

  3. Sorry to read of your loss. Perhaps the blog will give you a diversion from your pain, a productive way to spend your time and a place to express yourself. Best wishes as you go through the adjustment.

  4. I'm very sorry for your loss. Jack's suggestion is a good one I think.

  5. Oh no!
    I'm so sorry.
    I hope you have some family and good friends to lean on - you've had a bit of a rough trot over the last 12 months.
    Thinking of you and wishing you well.

  6. Hi Stuart! Truly sorry for what I'm reading...
    My best thoughts are with you!!

  7. You know my thoughts are with you Stuart.

    I remember the time after I lost my father as a very special time in relation to photography. I had no energy for sports or anything too physically demanding, I felt energy-drained. But walking around with my camera was just the activity I needed - I remember those walks as calm, soothing, leaving lots of time for my mind to meander and reflect on the world and time going by. And the camera was there to help me see the beauty in this world. I lived in Sydney at the time. I started my blog about six months later because I had this backlog of photos to share. The rest of the story you know : the friendships, the networking, nothing but good came out of it.

    Anyway, back to your photo- I love it. I realise when I post classical shots of Avignon that I may find them almost boring but my readers love them. I feel the same with this one of yours. It may look classical to you but to me it's gorgeous. The autumn foliage, the geese, the Union jack and low tide sand banks, all just perfect. Thanks for sharing this special time with us.

  8. S,
    We are all still here for you my friend. I didn't realized you'd returned to blogging and I"m very far behind. I"m going to spend a bit here just enjoying your wonderful photographs.

    All the very best to you,

  9. Am late catching up and looking at your photos, even though we've been in touch. This is a beauty. One could sit for a long time taking in this scene and watching the geese. The colours are superb and I love the way you've caught the birds as they take off.

    Nathalie's words are good and right and I'm so glad you are back sharing your beautiful photographs. Not a lot makes me miss England these days, but this is a photo that does.