Sunday 14 November 2010

Wet day in Richmond - # 95/10

It's Sunday, but everything is open except for the specialist and second hand book shop (there's more than one small flourishing private book shop in Richmond - some of the rare surviving miracles of 21st Century "developed world" commerce).

The damp weather is keeping customers away from the stainless steel imported Italian-style cafe tables.

Enlarge the picture and enjoy the green moss on the tiny tower-top beneath the cross on the church which was "renewed" in the 18th century. Admire also the original late Victorian white painted window frame on the Alhambra Cafe.


  1. You have rain and we have SNOW - 8 inches of new snow yesterday!
    Winter regards from EAGAN daily photo

  2. I wonder why all cafes buy this style of seat. Every eatery with an outside area use this chair. The company that makes them must be coining it.

  3. .....and the bird nest at the top of the tree.

  4. @FF....quite so! Actually there are two. I was very amused, and wanted to get them into the frame.

  5. And the reflections on the left. Very nice shot with so much to see. I love the rain glistening on the street.

  6. Oh that little tower with the moss is a delight. Thank you for p ointing it out. The "imported Italian stainless steel" chairs seem oddly out of place here. Quelle surprise! :)