Monday 8 November 2010

Memorial Sq through to Church St, Kingston on Thames - # 92/10

Come to think of it this would make a very nice B&W print.  However, it's done now, so I'm not going to change it.

This is one of my favourite views of Kingston town centre.  I really enjoy the harmony, the proportions, the human scale and overall shaping of the buildings and the way the street curves and gives a glimpse into the next one, and so on. When I'm in Kingston I like to just stop for a moment and slowly take it in.

It's getting late on the 29th October, so things are rather grey. But the town is still lively. 


  1. Well the 29th was my birthday so I"m assuming the swags were in celebration of that momentous occasion! :)

  2. Today is the first time I've looked in for a while. I am very sorry to hear about your wife.
    Your autumn pictures are beautiful!