Sunday 21 November 2010

Winter wild flower - # 98/10

Not a perfect shot but still arresting (a slight breeze made focussing tricky).  I was surprised to see that at the London Wetlands Centre, Barnes, that there are still some fine wild flowers hanging on in the meadow areas.  I love going to the Wetlands. It is a truly marvelous re-creation of different wild environments as they are found around the world. There is also the benefit that as more and more birds discover and populate the centre they also visit the neighbouring areas as they fly around, exploring London.

For the technically minded: Lens - Olympus 50-200mm at 200mm (equivalent to 400mm on 35mm format) set at maximum aperture f3.5 to get that marvelous defocused background and the unrivalled Olympus in-camera processed jpeg colours. Camera: Olympus E3.


  1. Cette fleur me fait penser à du lin rouge mais ce n'est peut-être pas le cas ? J'ai des fleurs en ce moment dans le jardin, notamment des cosmos mauves que j'ai semés en mélange avec d'autres fleurs. Les fleurs sont d'autant plus belles et attendrissantes qu'elles sont plus rares, les premières au printemps et les dernières à l'automne.
    C'est vrai que le vent ne facilite pas les prises de vue macro, mais tu t'en es fort bien tiré sur ce coup là, cette fleur est la rosette de la Légion d'Honneur épinglée à la boutonnière de ton blog...

  2. Oh now this is a gorgeous macro S. The color is wonderful. I have trouble with pinks with my Canon. They always look too bright or something. May I be so bold as to ask if you considered cropping so it wasn't precisely in the middle or did you as the artist, decide that was how you wanted it? Always trying to learn.:)

  3. @Virginia...technically it's not a macro. It's just a shot with the telephoto held as close as I could get it to achieve focus, AND respect the low border fence around the flower meadow. I deliberately chose to have it in the centre so as to have it framed all around by the defocussed meadow grass. Technically....all these cameras are strange, aren't they. Canon is a fabulous tool, but it cannot match Olympus in the colour reproduction area. Why not? Surely if one does it, all could. It's only a machine. You could try tweaking your colour saturation menu.....on second thoughts, DON'T.

  4. Of course we all know you work in the Olympus publicity department!