Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Changed times - # 80/2011

Severley cropped for discretion - and so a little bit grainy: we see how times have changed.  Taken during a recent walk through the City of London, we see an elegant black-suited lady banker pausing to have her shoes polished in the old fachioned way.


  1. Hello from Perth Australia, have just been enjoying your photos. Love the one above, sort of a 'timeless' feel, you capture that in your other images too. Like them a lot!!

  2. What great fun. Love this. Rather like the grainy quality too.

  3. I'd pay for someone to clean my shoes.

    Remember putting that white stuff on you Dunlop Volleys?
    No. You wouldn't, would you?
    They're Australian.
    Your Plimsolls?

  4. Hope he didn't get any polish on her nylons.

  5. Ah bravo ! La main gauche du cireur suggère le mouvement. Tout l'attirail nécessaire est présent. Cette chaussure est très féminine, sensuelle, je ne verrais pas sa propriétaire la faire briller dans une machine automatique sur un pallier d'hôtel et la gestuelle de l'homme lui rend vraiment hommage....