Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Royal colours - # 72/2011

Here's a bit of fun that's been around for a few years, but I've only just noticed it!!  Look up, People!! Look up!!!!

On the lamp posts at Ham Gate, entering Richmond Park, they have placed these delightful little royal crowns, sitting on their sweet little tassled cushions.  I've loaded the picture in a large(ish) size, so do click on it and enjoy the details in the crown and cushion.  By the way, I think the gas lamp is never switched off. Who remembers gas lamps? 


  1. So, is this gas lamp the same as gas lamps from the "olden days"?
    Where does the gas come from?

    Very cute tassels.

  2. Look!
    Look what our sky did especially for me this morning!

  3. @FF.....Yes, it is a fully restored original lamp with incandescent mantles. The gas was once coal gas from the Victorian town gas works, and today it will be natural gas piped from the North Sea or even from Russia or LNG shipped from Qatar to the giant gas import unit in South West Wales.