Tuesday, 24 May 2011

South Coast dreaming - # 77/2011

For those of you who don't know, this is a classic "South Coast" view akin to the iconic "White Cliffs of Dover".  This scene shows the coast guard cottages at Cuckmere Haven (where the Cuckmere flows off the South Downs into the English Channel) and the famous "Seven Sisters" chalk cliffs stretching towards Beachy Head light house and Eastbourne, Hastings and onwards towards Dover after the interruption of Dungeoness and Romney Marsh .

The scene is much photographed, in sunshine, evening light, frosty early mornings etc.  My scene shows it as bad weather suddenly sweeps in having traveled rapidly up the English Channel from the South West. A strong "Souwester" is blowing - loved (and feared) by generations of British and Dutch sailors as this wind blew them hard and very fast up the Channel on the final leg of their long sea voyages towards home.  The "day tripper" photographer has to take what he gets.  When I started out to walk the cliff tops, the sun was bright. Suddenly this rough weather fell upon me within minutes!!

In the 1940s you could stand here and watch dramatic aerial battles between squadrons of German and British aircraft locked in mortal combat, swooping upon each other at 340 mph, creating the legends of the White Cliffs as they fought. 


  1. S'just beautiful.
    Wouldn't you just love to run full pelt off those cliffs and soar into the sky like a giant bird?

    Reminds me a lot of Port Fairy and the little whalers' cottages looking out over the wild Southern Ocean.


    (where's the bluebirds?)

  2. I am trying to imagine the air battles over the channel. It must have been a sight.

  3. @Freefalling..........the bluebirds are over Dover, about 30 maybe 50 miles further on. They don't nest in this area because it doesn't rhyme ;-)

  4. Oh this is just fabulous, Stuart.