Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cote d'Az dreams - # 62/2011

It's all too easy to over-romanticise and falsely idolise the Cote d'Azur, but it's also very easy to understand how it got and how it keeps its good reputation.  For me this is a delightful scene that any Englishman fed up with the grey British winter will long to see and enjoy.  Early morning, delightfully fresh before the day warms up. The scent of the bushes and plants. The sound of a torrent rushing down the canyon from the mountains. A terrace garden, high up and looking out towards the Mediterranean Sea where the blue sky is reflected. (I took lots and lots photos of this same scene with the hanging bird table, trying to capture the essence. I didn't get exactly what I was trying for, but so far this is the nearest).


  1. What a great image!
    Lovely !

    Gunn / Norway

  2. Lovely composition!
    I first thought it was a real bird. :)

  3. Wow !
    I know exactly what you mean when you mention your many attempts to capture the perfect composition and not quite achieving it but this is close, very close. It takes a photographer's eye to have spotted this opportunity. I really love this photo.

    I attempted a very similar shot in Sydney with a couple of cockatoos on a bird feeder at sunset - never quite got it. Yours it far better. In fact I'm looking at it again now, it's BLOODY GOOD!

  4. PS - I hope there will be many more photos of your Menton days!

  5. So lovely and eye-catching!

  6. Wow, as Nathalie said. I absolutely love this Stuart. I see this every day, all day, as you know - in fact the birds are now nesting in the box nearby but I've never seen it look as good as this. Super photo, Stuart. Just adore that silver sea and note how well the bird feeder stands out, even in the area at the bottom where you'd think it would not show up. As N said BLOODY GOOD!