Sunday, 29 May 2011

The Coastguard's cottage - # 79/2011

I've taken you back to Seaford Head and the Cuckmere Haven where a few days ago we saw the bad weather closing in on the Seven Sisters white chalk cliffs.

I couldn't resist capturing this image of the old coastguard cottage with its red door and blue window frame set against the super-grey English Channel.  It's hard to belive that if you keep on going south for about 900 miles you'll reach the sunny scenery of Menton DP. Ah, well; you can't have everything.


  1. Do you reckon they painted the doors red so during foggy or stormy weather they could find their way back indoors?

    Does anyone live in them anymore?

  2. @Freefalling........yes, they are still lived in.

  3. Even with the gloomy weather, they still have an enviable view!

  4. Encore une belle image comme je les aime. Juste ce qu'il faut de couleur, juste ce qu'il faut de géomètrie, juste assez de mystère pour laisser voguer l'imagination.