Sunday 9 December 2007

Brisk business - # 317

It has to be in colour. This local retailer is fully stocked and already rushed off his feet as the Christmas buying season gets underway.


  1. Seems to sell alsorts from musical crackers to boxes of biscuits. I've not done much shopping yet.

  2. And why, may I ask? Looks ideal B+W material. None of this christmas cracker stuff, bah, humbug

    (NB has blogger changed? I can no longer specifiy my identity in comments)

  3. Nice colors!

    Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Is Christmas as over-commercialized in England as it is here in the US?

    The local newspapers did a story last week on the commercialization of Christmas. They asked a random group of people on the street how much they intend on spending this Christmas and most people quoted US$600 and up. Yikes!

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