Tuesday 18 December 2007

A master of his trade - # 326

There are few things more enjoyable (for me at least) than watching a stall trader at work.

I took about ten shots of this chap at his regular and highly professional pitch near the market square. Every shot showed energy, movement, skill, concentration and underlying it, salesmanship and a knack for making people smile - while making money. He is making a living by keeping people happy where-ever he finds himself.

A few days ago I showed my compost bin and was amazed at the responses which showed how we are all so very much THE SAME. Same concerns, same loves and sentiments (admittedly not without some cultural differences, but they can be resolved with good will and common sense).

I've been fortunate to have had a career that took me around the world dealing with all kinds of people. How fortunate I have been to have that experience.

I must work harder at my crowd scenes and people shots.


  1. I'm with you Chuckeroon about taking these kind of shots. The other day I tried taking shots of street dancers. All of it turns out to be horribe. The shot that you took was great. That's a tough one.

    Hi I'm Alex and I saw your comments in the blog "BASED IN VILLIGEN". So I just came by to see what are you writing about. My blog is about me as a Singaporean living in Manchester (Alex's World! - http://www.kakinan.com/alex). Please come along if you have the time. Happy Holidays. :)

  2. I clicked on the photo to enlarge it and enjoyed every bit of it. You are right, there's great spirit in this shot. I really like it.

    Also agree with your comment about how we are all the same, with pretty much the same concerns.

    I believe the work of our leaders should be to bring us together instead of playing on our differences. Unfortunately, too few of our leaders work in that direction... good wishes for next year?

    I could make your good resolution mine for next year: work harder at my people shots!!!

  3. I think you have really managed a good shot here! There is a clear atmosphere around it!

  4. Amazing photo. I love the energy in it.

    What is he selling?