Sunday 30 December 2007

Discussing theme and composition - # 338

Thank you Richard (Zurich forthemedia) for your comments on yesterday's post.

You are right. It's the house. I was drawn both to the trees and the house, but uppermost it was the house. Certainly "the house in context with the trees", but the house came first, with the trees an important "supporting actor". (Why then call it "Oak Tree"? Answer, "to disguise my secret passion".)

The curve of the house, and the bay windows somehow "whispered" as much and more than the rest.

Here is the whole ensemble. It like this view.

(Thanks to Jilly of Menton DP for revealing the secret of "big images").


  1. Obviously lots of scope with this subject. The oak tree, true to form, has a character all of it's own, like something out of a fairy tale

  2. Love that magnificent tree against the beautiful house - and then the formal gardens between the two. So English that. Gorgeous photo and well done - it's BIG, Chuckeroon. Now we can really see the quality of your work.

    Thanks for the mention and I should mention Abraham and Alice who helped me.

  3. I love this photo a lot. It perfectly contrasts the difference between nature and man-made structure.