Wednesday 5 December 2007

Think of a title - # 313

This is a quick snap. I just liked the look of the scene and took a pot shot at it. (Perhaps it's a bit fuzzy?) I was going to call it "Capitalist with lackey and running dog" so as to feed my particular sense of humour. But Heather said I shouldn't, so I thought of "Two people and two animals enjoying each other's company", which is also very much to my line of taste and thinking.

Isn't it a strange thing? In the Cold War time "the lackeys and running dogs" of capitalists were a much maligned breed. Today everyone wants to be a capitalist, or so it might seem. Did the communists lift a stone only to drop it on their own foot?


  1. I would call it
    "Why the hell are you out out in the freezing cold - GO HOME where it is warm!!!"

    Lovely shot as usual.

    Not much time to visit so am only able to visit a few favs.

  2. Why is he wearing camouflage pants and army boots?

  3. Maybe she's saying, "fetch boy".

  4. More like the prince and his pageboy out riding the horse and walking the dog. :-)