Thursday 27 December 2007

Unsuitable for children under 3 - # 335

Not a toy. Unsuitable for children under 3. Batteries not included.
Expert photographers will be upset by the "noise". Other people will probably like the noise.
I trust everyone is enjoying their Christmas toys. I am still struggling with the user's manual.


  1. Is that the users manual for the BMW (nice christmas present btw), or is it something else....?

  2. New camera or new car? If it is a new car, I hope you are not going to be one of those arrogant BMW drivers, or which there are many.

  3. Well I hope it's not the BMW after what you did to the Bugatti...

  4. @R and G's M......Darda Cars are good enough for me. Are you familiar with that toy?.....Great!!!!