Thursday 3 May 2007

Dive throughs and back ways of Richmond 1 - # 96

Richmond is the perfect small town. There are numerous quick short cuts from one sector to the next, allowing the pedestrian to move rapidly without getting caught in the noise and chaos of the heavy motor traffic, and often allowing quick and convenient transfers between bus routes. I wanted to feature these because they provide delightful little vistas, they are rich in small shop signs and architectural features, and they set a challenge to the photographer because of the slabs of light and shade that make good exposures tricky, but interesting. Moving off Hill Rise we can dive through to the church via Ormond Rd and discover Church Court. We'll continue tomorrow.


  1. I use this shortcut when walking from the Hill to shopping street. It's lovely all year round and you can see squirrels climbing the trees.

    There are some other "secret" paths in Richmond, hope you write about them in future.

  2. These are really nice pictures. You did a great job and I really enjoyed the narrative.

  3. What a beautiful sight! It feels like going back to Jane Austen's times...

  4. It seems to be a very pittoresque romantique little town.

  5. I know this short cut, always quiet away from the crowds on the high street..