Tuesday 22 May 2007

Old Palace Lane - # 115

On the other side of the lane, opposite the wall of the Old Palace we have a line of tiny old workman's cottages, dazzling white, with nicely kept gardens to enjoy as we walk down from The Green to the river at the bottom end. Behind them is the railway embankment which takes the 1840s technology monster across the Thames towards Windsor and Reading. Queen Victoria is said to have loved railway trains and I imagine her looking out from this line as the royal train took her to Windsor.


  1. Thanks for your positive comments on my blog. (There may not be "wine & liquor news" every day, but I look forward to your regular visits.)

    Beuatiful these small houses. Still occupied by "workmen"?

    So Victoria loved trains? She has even go her own station!

  2. Same q as Peter as to the current occupants of the cottages. Your wisteria is still blooming -- here the blooming period is over and only the dense greenery remains.

    Victoria also loved the Vierwaldst├Ąttersee, didn't she? I wonder what it would have been like to have had a chat with her, without the shackles of royalty. ;-)

    (So, was this polite enough to merit a visit to Villigen?)

  3. It`s so intriguing to read those historical things and see in same time some tangible from old days. And I understand very well for some odd reason their summer palace :) even I have only the summer place - only one a is missing !!
    I just finished a book, which was telling from Victoria`s time and London.

  4. This is a lovely shot. A beautiful garden!

  5. It may be a tiny workman's cottage...but I bet this is worth a fair ole bit these days!!! Lovely garden!