Friday 18 May 2007

Something to cheer you up (if you need it) - # 111

I cannot resist posting this delightful little window decoration. The occupyer of this small basement apartment in one of my "Great Houses" obviously had the passers-by in mind.


  1. A nice initiative by the occupant and a nice opportunity for you to take another nice photo!

  2. I like your photograph today of the window and the decorations in it.

    I note the pink flowers are cut roses and wonder about that. To have so many nice roses must mean she had a garden but then she is in the basement, you said, so I am guessing she is a renter and does not have a garden where she can grow roses. She must have bought them.

    The other jar or whatever; looks something like a cat with arms and hands. Must be an English species as I have not seen one of those over here. But at my age, I don't get around much anymore and when I see things that disturb me, I just close my eyes until I pass it or it passes me.

    I just commented on an England blog previously about our lack of English style Pubs.

    I don't know of a single pub in this state or in this county but I assume if you go to New York City, or perhaps Washington, D.C. (where the politicians live), that they must have lots of pubs.

    We do have "bars" and "liquor stores" (we call them liquor "joints") but few places you would want to take your family for a beer and a bite to eat.

    I think the closest thing to a pub around here would be about 20 miles away in Arcanum, Ohio. It has a "tavern" named, "Millers." In there you can get all the beer you can pay for and any brand. They also serve the best dinners and sandwiches. I love their shredded beef or the shredded pork sandwiches with a slice of onions on a fresh bun. Wow--I got my mouth to watering.

  3. It's a simple but warm greeting to alert passersby, such as you!

  4. hello...cute.
    its a warm window, friendly window...and a nice window.

    nice weekend,


  5. This is just charming. I love it when people set out to please passers-by. Makes our world a prettier place.

  6. The lovely decorations are between the windows, yes, they obviously had the passers-by in mind. Nice neighbors, nice flowers, nice photo. Thank you for posting it.

  7. I'm not sure why, but I find that the cat-lass is rather funny! So, I guess mission accomplished :-)

  8. A cheerful window indeed. Z is right. It's strange not to see a cat sitting on the window ledge.

  9. Interesting......all commentators have picked up the things that attracted me - and made me chuckle - at the time I saw it.

    Z & Ming...yes, the cat caught my eye. And the perfection of the roses is a kind of compliment to the passers-by: "I value you; so here is a gift of immaculately presented roses"

  10. It's simply, warmy and... so delicate.