Thursday 31 May 2007

Anything for the weekend, Sir? - # 124

Feeling creative, I have dived into the archive and played with the processing to bring out my feelings about the scene.
This was a difficult, quick snap in between cars passing on a busy street. I immediately liked the "edginess" of it. I used B&W, sharpness, contrast and graininess to bring it out.


  1. Love the photo! You're are right, the edginess is there but mixed with the sentimentality...

  2. Nice picture. There is a great on-line photo editing/effects programme called - easy to use and does all sorts of effects like this.

    : )

  3. Congratulations!! You are now part of a guide!

    Is this an ordinary price for getting your hair cut? In Paris I pay something like 30€. As I remember from a few haircuts in UK, the prices are much lower than here. (Well, I would not travel to UK just for this.)

  4. I just noticed that I have also been chosen!! Let's hope that it is something good and interesting.

  5. Shop window shots are always difficult, with reflections and the like. But a good shot.

  6. Love the photo - and the title. ha ha

  7. Well, Jilly got the drift. Haven't been to a proper barbers since heaven knows when, but there is Frankie's in Zurich's Niederdorf which is a barbers shop like no other - I can guarantee that!

    THere's a short video here

    Frankie - Theater Coiffeur

    What it doesn't show you is the beer. Every haircut is accomplished with the help of several bottles and there is usually an audience of assorted Niederdorfers to help out

    Need to get some photos for you

  8. Thanks Richard for this enhancement! Notice that the man actually has a Voranmeldungsnummer!!!!!!!

    This is of course pure Germanic Kitsch ;-) But I do like it ;-0

  9. Thanks Richard and Chukeroon for drawing the attention to this additional comment and video. A real pleasure to watch!! Fortunately there are still some of these places and characters left. I have an almost similar barber shop just round the corner (I said almost), and had the intention to use it. The problem is that I'm so happy to be in the hands of my present (female) hairdresser.