Friday 4 May 2007

Dive throughs and back ways of Richmond 2 - # 97

Leaving Church Court (yesterday's Post) we can go straight down to George St., the main shopping area.

This cut-through gives a nice view of the church as you look up from George St. I chose this shot because I liked the way the girls gave a kind of forward surge to the scene. In this alley there is a good independent book shop, surviving in spite of modern commercial pressures, a good little cafe - the Alambra (yes, they spell it like that!) - and the Angel and Crown pub, which looks quite splendid in its late 1890s decor. Noon day sun floods the alley, so it's good for sitting outside for a short time. It's worth clicking on the picture to enlarge it.


  1. Wow. What a difference there is between this photo and the enlargement. In that I happened to notice, by the church or across the street from it, the tree with the fall leaves. That means it must be an oak that is yet to drop its leaves. I have one in my backyard, a mountain oak, that is the same right now while the white oak has dropped it leaves and now has a good covering of green leaves.

    I like the photograph because it shows a kind of intimate relationship between the people and the alley walls. The bright light at the end beckons the girls to hurry.

  2. I agree with Abraham, this photo is stunning enlarged. Pretty nice small. Lovely shop fronts and I love the movement of the girls. How clever of you to get that reflection of the church on the left hand side. Lovely stuff.

    Beautiful town. Send the bookshop over here. I miss English books shops even tho there is one in MC. Not the same thing tho.

  3. It looks windy too because the girls' hairs are flying. Love the movement in the photo.

  4. I enlarged the photo too and it does give it a totally different look. The small photo looks like an alley way but the large photo looks like a shopping street.

    Very interesting.

  5. It is so true , the photo looks so different enlarged!!! well spotted.