Saturday 26 May 2007

My hero regularly drinks with me - # 119

Those of you who want to read more about the River Raft Squatter featured yesterday can try this URL link. If it does not work, tell me, and I will help you out.

Now let's move on to the Saturday "Mug Feature". This mug is MINE, exclusively and absolutely. Nobody is allowed to touch it - ever. It celebrates Horatio, Admiral Lord Nelson. He's a hero because he made his men feel good about themselves, and although he took them into great danger, because of his aggressive tactics, they felt safe with him because he was always a winner. He also had enormous physical and mental courage, and his men would see him exposed to danger as they were. He was also a fine dresser and if around today would probably have been found driving a flashy car. Those meeting him for the first time might have no idea that he was a heavy-weight hero, but on closer acquaintance his high mental ability became obvious. He was a lady's man - but in the right way.


  1. Nice story. I like the cup too. I know what you mean about having a favorite cup.

  2. I went to the link and read the story about the man on the makeshift raft and enjoyed it. The world could use a few more like him. He is pointing the way to what will become of "our collective future" unless we stop our gluttony for natural resources. The end times might not be pretty.

    I just discovered a few minutes ago that two baby robins have left the nest. Or one is still there. I have photographed those and will show them on Monday.

    Your mug, and the man behind it, sounds a lot like the raft character. If you read the words, they seem to be a lot alike.

    Birds in their bath today at
    Brookville Daily Photo

  3. I think, the name sounds a little familiar :)
    Seriously, he was a favorite of my history teacher and after school times books and moves has kept him
    in my memory.
    But I do not say anything about your very own mug, because it`s could go after all wrong!

    I wish you an enjoyable weekend!

  4. He was also a role model for us in todays acquisitive, consumerist society. He only had one of most things (eyes, arms, legs.... oh, I might be exagerrating a little)

    NB I replied to your questions on yesterdays Zurich post

  5. Thanks for the info about the raft squatter!

    I once visited Lloyds and could see Nelson's log book from Trafalgar. You somehow feel the history.

    I don't have Napoleon on my mug!