Wednesday 30 May 2007

A very successful Garden Show - # 123

The Police Sergeant put on his full uniform

The boys had great fun cutting cake and serving the teas.

It rained!!!!

The gardens were wonderful


  1. They have a bit different police uniforms here.
    I bet they did have fun cutting those cakes. They look good.
    Some umbrellas are so colorful. I have one that has shoes on it.
    The last photo is a really nice scenery shot. It'd be nice to sit there and have a cup of tea and just read a good book. Did you see any tiny animals while walking through?

  2. Yes, for a garden party in England (and elsewhere, I must admit) you'd better bring an umbrella.

    At least the nice cakes were saved from the rain!

  3. These are private gardens? Very nice! Reminds me of the piece I recently read in the Independent (I think) about how there are now not enough butlers to go around, what with all the rich people. :-)