Monday 23 July 2007

Hard forms, hard nature, soft sentiments - # 177

A hasty post before midnight, having been out all day with the excellent company of my son and daughter in law home on leave from Dubai.

Talking of Barge Henry we admired the elegant hang of the sail. Forgive the trite title of this posting, but I'm trying to muse (ramble on) about the pleasing effect of the clouds reflected in the glass walling of a huge multi-national HQ building near Richmond.

These same clouds are now dropping flood water that devastates homes. The building is occupied by a powerful bio-tech company; an industry that raises hackles at the same time as it is worshipped as a saviour by others.

I think the architecture and the reflections are very pleasing. How do we resolve all these conflicts and complexities? (Now it's bed time).


  1. Nice shot 'roon!

    I do like a little abstraction to start the day...

  2. Pure glass facades are often a good solution, especially if you have some nice space in front for nice reflections - as in this case!

  3. Ahh, I love the smell of irony in the morning.

    Even without the connotations, it's a nice photo

  4. ... I also like the "natural pixelation" effect

  5. Ooh, tks to all three of you. That's three arrows bang in the white spot. Have an espresso each, on me!

  6. Can you give the address for the bill, please!