Monday 2 July 2007

Karl Moritz quits Richmond - # 156

Karl sets out for the road to Oxford. The inn keeper's son accompanies him to show him the way. It's quite clear that the lad took Karl by a footpath across the Old Deer Park, the gardens of George III's palace at Kew (now Kew Gardens botanical research establishment) on the right, as Karl mentions.

So, we can safely say that Karl Moritz left Richmond via the ferry across to Isleworth. Karl writes about the houses he could see across the river. I think we can be absolutely certain that he was referring to the brick mansion, if not indeed also the pinkish looking "temple shaped" house as well.

This is therefore almost exactly the view he saw as he approached the steps for the Isleworth ferry, and wrote about in his letter.


  1. Interesting story. I like your photo.

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  2. Thanks for visiting NYC Daily Photo again.

    As for the diet, you are right. Now you know what I don't appear on the blog. :-)

  3. So Karl left this charming Richmond so quickly!

    I admire your detailed detective work!

    ... and the view he had (and we have) is fabulous!!

  4. Some interesting pictuures on this page, I suppose I'll have to go and find out who Karl is now.

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  5. I didn't have the time to read about Karl Moritz yesterday so I'm back to read a little bit about him.

    What an interesting trip!! I love travel stories/chronicles. Am reading "A Year in Provence" by Peter Mayle and "Vroom with a View" by Peter Moore. Am attempting to read two books at the same time. Am surprised I can keep it straight.

  6. A lovely view. Even though the bright"temple shaped" building looks singularly out of place to me next to the sedate brick one. Perhaps it is that on first glance, it reminded me of the Jefferson Memorial in DC. On closer inspection, I see that they are not that similar, apart from the dome (and the blooming pink tree which looks like the many cherry trees along the Tidal Basin).

    Regarding Ham House, I'm glad to find that the staggered windows are part of a stairwell as I had first thought. I've been scratching my head, trying to come up with a reason that one would make such a design decision if functionality were not an issue. My email addy is:
    blogger.tset at

    Strange thing about the "cherry" garden. The name just stuck.

  7. A very nice picture, but I agree, the pink building doesn't really fit in.