Wednesday 4 July 2007

Karl Moritz gets his priorities right - # 158

Karl would have stepped off the ferry almost at the very foot of this church tower, built in 1398.

However, he has 15 miles to walk to Windsor via Slough along the main road that goes from London towards the port city of Bristol in the far west. Karl found it very busy in 1782, and nothing has changed.

He wastes no time looking around Isleworth. It's clear he wants to hurry along. He has an eye for fine views, but he is able to set his priorities. Islworth has nothing much to grab his attention, although today it is an essential stopping point for the Richmond tourist.

............."On the opposite bank of the Thames was Isleworth, a spot that seemed to be distinguished by some elegant gentlemen's country-seats and gardens. Here I was obliged to ferry the river in order to get into the Oxford Road, which also leads to Windsor.

When I was on the other side of the water, I came to a house and asked a man who was standing at the door if I was on the right road to Oxford. "Yes", said he, "but you want a carriage to carry you thither". When I answered him that I intended walking it, he looked at me significantly, shook his head, and went into the house again."

Once again, Karl notices the mobility of the English and their preferences for travelling in coaches and carriages.


  1. You should publish this, Chuckeroon. All your photos and commentary would make a great book.

  2. Nice photo! Do I detect a polarising filter or post-processing? Agree with Jilly that there is mileage somewhere in your idea about following KM's travelogue from a present day perspective

  3. I love it, the picture belongs in a Gothic Dracula type movie.

    Shocked that Karl walked the 15 miles to Windsor, let alone that he considered walking to Oxford!

  4. I agree that this would be worth sopmething more than just having been read by a few bloggers! There is a lot of effort behind, it's a good idea and it's interesting. You should try to publish!

    ... somehow I would also have liked to see a map, seeing how he is progressing. I know (especially from a previous post) that reading and understanding the map was on of the major issues for you, when following Karl's trace.

  5. Peter has a good point - and Google maps is pretty easy to use and integrate with the site, or just via link. (I'll help out if you want)

  6. That's a great photograph. I love effects as I'm a photographer too. Please let me know what steps have you taken to convert this image to such a brilliant black-and-white.