Saturday 28 July 2007

Photographs that speak 1 million words - # 182

Yesterday was me exercising a wicked irony and sense of the absurd.

Today's picture will probably be equally obscure to many, but it's about economics (little fish feeding off big fish) urban renewal, contrasts in styles, evocation of mood, the "urban landscape", modern Britain, immigration (the Polish girl sitting out front waiting for the mid-day customers) and much more.

It's about nostalgia, and it's about how sometimes just standing and looking at a scene provokes all kinds of thoughts to flood in.

This picture was taken close to the HQ building of Glaxo Smith Kline, the Bio-Tech giant.

Are thoughts, emotions and spiritual experiences purely the result chemical reactions processed in the miracle that is the human brain? Why do some people have a stronger tendency to one direction rather than another? What is talent?


  1. Hi Chuckeroon, thanks for dropping in to see if i was sopping wet!
    What an interesting photo you have here today; love the black & white.

  2. The billboard captured my attention. We don't have ones that low, and certainly not that low with the technology to change the message electricly. Kind of takes over the sidewalk.
    --steve buser
    New Orleans Daily Photo

  3. I liked yesterdays photo a lot, but the content and description lost me completely. Gonna try and figure this one out over a few pints this Saturday lunchtime.....

  4. Great image. Perfect contrast between the small, human scale of the cafe and the massive, impersonal corporate fortress.

    In my town we are currently watching (we're protesting, but the government rarely pays attention) as many small family homes & businesses are torn down and replaced with huge glass structures. Some call it progress, others find it tragic. Hope this little pizza place finds more customers and survives in the face of Goliath.