Sunday 29 July 2007

The Pyrene Building - re-igniting the fires of the Golden Mile- # 184

Pyrene was a "big name" in fire extinguishers. Today the building stands, preserved but currently awaiting a tenant to use the huge space, in the company of its companions on the "Golden Mile". I had considered showing a detail of the "ram's horn" decoration on the tower, or even using colour to show the detail on the coloured tile doorway, but decided that it's worth seeing the whole thing.

Those who want to see more pictures and get more detailed information on the illustrious past of the "the Golden Mile" on the Great West Rd, might like to start at the comprehensive URL link below. Yesterday, Riz also helped out by mentioning the magnificent Hoover Building, up on the A40, near Hanger Lane.

The "Great Names" that originally occupied these buildings on the Golden Mile have passed into history, often because of unforeseeable commercial disasters or management blunders. This gives us an interesting insight into Power, Glory, Time and Tide. (In the case of Gillette, the production has been moved to Poland, and the "great icon" awaits a new tenant. "Perhaps a hotel?" some say.)

This leads me neatly towards the last image of this mini-series set for tomorrow.,RNWE:2006-02,RNWE:en&q=firestone+building+demolished+great+west+rd


  1. These black and white shots suit the period of the architecture.

    I had the Red Arrows this weekend.

    South Shields Daily Photo

  2. Just love that 1930s style building.
    Sydney Daily Photo

  3. I remember having seen this building "live". I hope and trust that this one and the similar ones you have showed will remain for the future, even with changed functions!

  4. Ahhh - nostalgia. Every bit as good as it used to be. This building was built in black and white, wasn't it, before colour was invented and spoilt everything