Tuesday 3 June 2008

The Bar Fly senses a warm feeling of Community and Good Times - # 08/123

The R. u. T. Bar Fly is constantly in search of signs of ancient community life in the area.

This inn existed in 1645, and next door there was a blacksmith. The village consisted of a small handful of cottages, but now it's just part of a huge urban sprawl.

The inn is still there.......as you can see.........and the blacksmith's forge is now a motorcar dealership and repair business. So - not much has changed, and I'm sure people enjoyed themselves much as we see here.


  1. Bump-your-head beams - although you never feel anything after a few beers, especially if it is Fuller's ESB. Is London Pride still an ale to fancy? I remember in the 1970's we used to drink Light and Pride, but I fancy it was cask rather than real ale in those days

  2. @Richard..........quite so. London Pride and Fuller's ESB are indeed excellent "real" fuels much favoured by flies.

  3. They are obviously not too bothered about being snapped.

  4. beautiful black and white

    a good mmoment

  5. Now that would be an interesting set of photos to look at.
    The back of peoples' bald heads.
    No, really.
    I mean it.

  6. They seem so involved in their conversation that they probably didn't notice you. I think the b&w make it more intimate and immediate somehow.