Friday 20 June 2008

St. Anne's Church, Kew Green, date 1714 - # 08/140

In many ways England in 1714 was not a very nice place to live, but then again, it seems to have been absolutely magnificent. Strange.


  1. It was a nice place to live for the very wealthy!
    What an excellent photo! I like the symmetry, the colour and lighting. Bravo! i

  2. It was ever thus! Nice shot. Beautiful detail, light, colour.

    Apologies for lack of comments recently. I'm in America. But slowly, from today, hope to start commenting a little more regularly

  3. In its very detail it is very strikikng. The colours are magnificent. It must cost a fortune to upkeep. May I spoil the mood by noting that the thumbnail reminds me of "superman" the logo?

  4. First I wanted to write: there were always contrasts in those times but when thinking about it: there are contrasts in all times, even today.