Monday 2 June 2008

Old Twickenham 1 - # 08/122

Walking through the core of old Twickenham close by the old St. Mary's church (remodelled in the 18th century) we are reminded that this was a very small riverside community, built on a rising slope to avoid floods and take advantage of the good landing point offered by the river bank.

Walking through gives an experience of sudden light, sudden patches of shadow, changes in level, a rich sense of rough texture and vegetable colour, and a variety of angular shapes.

The arrival of the railway changed all that - 19th century urban sprawl took over!


  1. I like the b&w - seems to really capture the area's essence. :)

  2. The contrast between the light and shade and the lines and curves is quite intricate. Beuatiful study and a decptively clever image.

  3. Exactly! Now why would anyone want that in colour?