Monday 23 June 2008

"Plainly" elegant - # 08/143

The elegance of the Parade around Kew Gardens Station is expressed by these magnificent apartments built at the turn of the 19th century around 1897. I admired the Chinese motif on the window frames. Most of all I admired the way that the dappled shadows echoed the dappled bark pattern of the plane trees.


  1. Very nice indeed!
    The sunlight gives them an extra touch of beauty to these surely comfortable dwellings.

  2. Of course, I looked at the photo before I read your words.
    I was thinking how beautiful the woody window bits were - but your description of the "Chinese motif on the window frames", sounds much better.

  3. I love the dappled shadows on the fa├žade. And yes, nice apartments. Is this a Yuppie area ?

  4. Oh I so agree. I love the dappled light through the trees. I nearly didn't buy my house till I visited one day, the light was doing just that, coming in through the shutters, creating magical patterns and then I knew the house had to be done.

    i'm all for a bit of dapple. beautifully captured.

  5. So typically British - and SO nice - and "classy"! How different from what was built in France at the same time!

    (I see that on of the flats is for sale; would not even dare to ask for the price!)

  6. Ahh - can I smell a nice new wideangle lens here......