Wednesday 4 June 2008

Pots with light, and tapestry behind - # 08/124

Richard of imagines that I spend my time walking about in the dark wearing a headlamp. He's right. It's my method of catching magical moments as I lurk in my overalls and protective gloves, too horrible to be seen.

I went through a week of agony about this shot. Should it be in B&W? I think colour is the right choice, but it looks good at whatever the decision.


  1. Oh, color was such a good choice - this looks like a still life from the golden age of Dutch painting - if this was a painting, I imagine Rembrandt may have been the artist.
    Also, be careful with that headlamp. :)

  2. I think color was the proper choice. It looks good to me. If you had photo shop you might be able to change the color to some other color to see if it is the color or is it nicer in black and white. I like what you have or think it looks good.

  3. Would you not allow yourself to post the two versions? ... rather then to spend a week in agony? (I'm sure I would have opted for the colour anyhow.)

  4. Could work both ways - depends on your intention, what made you take the photo, what do you want to convey to others.

    There are a few feature of this photo that I see. The lighting, the simple but contrasting materials and the restricted, but memorable, colour palette. To emphasise the lighting, B+W is often chosen to avoid distractions caused by colour. In this case however I don't think you lose the lighting in the colour shot, precisely because of the restricted palette, so you could have the best of both worlds.

    However - there's always a "however" - I might present it in B+W becasue what would have interested me here is the contrast between the flat, patterned wall hanging, and the patter on the pot. If I wanted to lead my viewer in this direction I would choose black and white because it avoids the first impression that the colour image presents, and that some people might not go beyond.

    As I said - it depends!

  5. Oh just beautiful, Chuckeroon. And as always, so good to read Richard's comments - like having a private photography instructor. How spoiled we are. I like Peter's comment too about posting both.

    Regardless, I'm sure I'd have posted in colour but it would be nice to see in black and white.

  6. Je ne vais pas lire ce qui a été écrit par Richard. Pour ma part, le B&W supprimerait un aspect chaleureux à la photo. J'ai fait une photo une fois, je t'en donne le lien, juste pour que tu y jettes un glimpse du dehors depuis la terrasse, sans mettre de commentaire.

    Surtout, lis le commentaire que CatsEye a eu la gentillesse de me mettre.
    CatsEye est un extraordinaire photographe, que j'admire beaucoup, qui n'a jamais de commentaires sur son blog, et qui commente rarement sinon jamais.