Tuesday 10 June 2008

Experimenting with tight depth of field (or, Having Fun) - # 08/130

....alternatively: "getting this cursed Bald Head Thing out of my system". I never realised I had such a fund of great shots. The blonde and the brunette look very nice, too.


  1. ... and such a magnificent head! Well captured. Did you have to set it up? As for the blonde and the brunette - your depth of field has obliterated them. I find a naturally bald head just as sexy as a shaved bald head ... for what it's worth ...

  2. I like the two different kinds of light combined here, as well as the focus.

  3. Geez...watch out!
    Something has been unleashed and he's on the prowl!

    Do you reckon you could get a real close-up shot of a bald head?
    And you HAVE to get a comb-over!

    This one is begging for a Benny Hill tap.

  4. For some reason, I believe I would have put the focus on the blond and the brunette! :-)

  5. Whoops, I did write a comment but think it disappeared. Sorry it if appears twice...

    This is a good lesson in Depth of Field. thankyou.