Thursday 5 June 2008

Grey, and abrasive - # 08/125

I feel the need to explore "Dark Side". Some of it will be B&W; some colour but with light and shade as the real subject, rather than the thing shown. It will be angles, nooks and crannies and shapes. Just for a few days it will be the Richmond area, but what the camera sees and the hand contrives to make it into: not the "conventional" landscape snap shot.

Here is Regal House, Twickenham, a 60s-70s "urban renewal monster". You could be in Communist Eastern Europe or 60s London or Paris; anywhere in Europe recovering from war. In fact you could be anywhere but in a harmonious comfortable frame of mind. Just be afraid and pray that it never happens again.


  1. I can but agree with you last comments!

  2. I'm afraid. Such a foreboding photograph. Amazing to think this is Twickenham - especially when I look at the beautiful photograph you posted on the 2nd.

    You sure show us the good and the bad of your area. I'm inclined to only show the good - I don't like photographing the bad, but then perhaps I'm not telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But again, what is truth? Oh fiddle, it's too soon in the day for all this and it must be my flu drugs talking!

  3. I just looked at this again and with all the talk about B&W/colour, I wonder which this is! If the sky was dull, it could be either.