Sunday 29 June 2008

No title - # 08/149

..............but it's there, isn't it. (Prizes have already gone to..........).

Camera: Olympus E3. Lens at 400mm 1/640 sec f5.0 ISO 100


  1. Great photo. the focus is on the arm with the muscles, only muscles.

  2. Yep ... agree with April You have done everything to force our eyes upon the muscles in the arm. Not only is the background a blur (tick), but that line of shadow down the athlete is a masterstroke (tick).

    I sent this to a friend today - yep illegally pirated, sorry - with whom I'd had a conversation about photography yesterday. I was telling her that to my mind photographs do not show something - they say something. I also said that I wish that I could take something this good.

    Now ... to your challenge ... indeed the title is in there, but it is not "muscles" - that is too descriptive. I am tending to something like "to the limit" - I would say "to the max" except I am not that modern. I keep thinking "underarm" but that reminds me too much of poor Trevor Chappell.

    Golly it is a good image ... I gather from the data that you made the settings yourself. Would that I knew how to do that!!

  3. Hi Chuckeroon! Great shot!
    Too sophisticated photo discussion to get into... ;))
    Thanks for your comment on Blogtrotter, still strolling in the streets of Santiago de Compostela, and now racing the famous Paris-Dakar…
    Have a nice week!

  4. Look at the muscle tone on that guy.

  5. Julies comment is very apt - curious as it might seem I also believe that photography is bland when only treated as a visual medium. Willy Ronis says that a photograph is much closer to a document than a painting. This is why I think the current trend in internet photography to bombard us with sites which emphasise the visual impact is a step in the wrong direction. You will spend maybe 20 secs on assessing and enjoying the visual aspects of a photograph, however you probably need 30 minutes before you can come to a conclusion about what it has to say, if anything. (Minor White).

    This is a personal reflection. I have nothing against pretty pictures, but for me they have no staying power just for that alone. Consider the difference between pop music and Beethoven for example. Of course, not everyone likes Beethoven...

  6. HEY!
    You saw the photo over at FF, didn't you?
    IE: 21/6/08

  7. Upon considering Julie's and Richard's comments, and considering a title for the photo, I've concluded that I'm just of plebeian tastes and ideas. Because I'm thinking of motivational prints with this photo (very good one, no mistake). So, it would be something like tenacity.

    And continuing with the simple things, wheat, or similar, is up at my blog today.
    Z in Villigen CH