Monday 30 June 2008

Quiet night - Spain playing Germany - # 08/150

Sunday night, Richmond Riverside.


  1. He looks just a little the worse for wear.

  2. Awesome photo. The spot lights on the tree and arches give it a special effect, as well as the romantic couple.

    Just wanted to pop in to say HI.

  3. Something is definitely going on with you!
    I've just seen your last 7 photos - and they are showing some sort of joie de vivre.
    Is it just the weather?

  4. The light and composition is excellent, but I can't decide wether he's drunk or romantic. Either way a wonderful night scene.

  5. @all......He's quite OK, and on principle I would not take a photo of anyone, anonymous or otherwise, if they were not 100%. The angle on the steps is deceptive.