Thursday 3 July 2008

Old historic archive shot recalling Karl Moritz - # 08/153

Wanting to stay with a boat theme I dug out this old archive shot from the series "Searching for Karl Moritz, 1782". Here is the (at least) 400 year old ferry crossing point from the old village of Chiswick to Barnes. I discovered that Karl Moritz did not use it, but whizzed past in the stage coach direct to cross over the "modern 1759" Kew Bridge into Richmond. Indeed exactly as I would, in my car, today. (Except that I prefer the train....much more convenient).

Looking back at this archive I'm horrified to see - yet again - that my tendency to tilt the camera to the right has made the Thames flow up-hill. You also get a good view of the plastic rubbish washed up on high tides.............


  1. Can you not change the tilt in photoshop or some other photo editing program. It happens to me sometimes when I am dizzy, falling over or light headed.

    I admire your photography and this shot is best not in an archive where nobody can see it.

  2. I had to think twice about making this comment as I was trying to focus on what the photo says rather than on what it shows, but I can't break out of the overriding response in my head! Need horizontal horizon for my small brain. I'm sure you have software that enables you to incrementally rotate photos, but if not, please allow me to suggest as a tool for this, among other things. Requires registration, but is free.

  3. Happy to see you talking about our friend Karl again!

    Was away for a week (including Z├╝rich and Richard). Have checked what you did in the meantime. I especially liked the night shot (Spain-Germany) and the "no title" ones!

  4. Roony, I think that pint before the photo shoot was the reason the Thames flowed upstream. ;-)