Wednesday 23 July 2008

High skills - # 08/172

Here is the BT Openreach line technician fixing my broadband 11 meters or so up the pole.

Reviewing the photo I was struck by the muscularity of his arms and related that to the concept of the telephone networks that bind our modern society together.

He worked hard for over 2 hours and displayed "rat-like cunning" in tracking down the problem - clearly a man of strong physical and mental ability.

Overall the service form BT has been outstanding - well managed, attentive to me as a customer and keen to make sure that once my complaint was registered everything was done to make things tip-top, as they should be.

(BTW..............I'm using my "time off" from DAILY photo to try out some "after dark" photography.......let's hope it works out as well as the BT lineman's effort ;-) )


  1. I'm sure that you - also - will make a good job!

  2. A thought-provoking image - even moreso when enlarged. Just the tangle of wires would do my head in, that along the height.

  3. We're with TalkTalk, which I think is a lot cheaper than BT, not sure if the quality is as good though, as the connection does breakdown from time to time.

  4. Careful! That was my 1st thought - for the technician & for all the people who need to stay connected. Great shot.

  5. Impressive shot and glad to hear the broadband is now back. Well I assume it is.