Monday 28 July 2008

Turning reality into vision - / 08/176

Just playing about with the camera, and tweaking the result. It's so easy that any politician can do it.


  1. ooo - you cynic you!

    Do you realise that it is four days later and this poor chap is still squatting?

    Whereas the previous shot was warm and cosy, the lighting here makes it seem as though something nefarious is, indeed, going down.

  2. Hi Roon!
    Sorry for the absence these last weeks, but unfortunately it wasn’t due to some summer holidays… ;))
    Thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter, now at the MoMA for Art and New York lovers! Hope you enjoy and wish you a great week! I’ll try to get back here to enjoy your lovely pictures with some more time during the week!

  3. Austin Mitchell, the MP for Grimsby is a big photography fan & is concerned about photographic freedoms of the general public.

    That looks a serious camera by the way. Too big & expensive for blogging!

  4. I am curious about the tweaking. I have ordered Elements. I have no idea what I will begin to do with it when it arrives. Yikes! I figured since every photo I take needs some type of post op help it would be a wise investment. Your photo is so interesting, with the light, angles etc. nice camera too.