Friday 19 December 2008

The French Menu or Lost in Translation - # 08/290

Never go to a restaurant without your beanbag, and always switch off the flash. Become anti-social and don't talk to anyone sitting around you. Get lost in your own little world. But don't stay like that for more than 2 minutes, or else no-one will invite to next year's party. Or - as Mrs 'roony says - "Put it away now, Dear".


  1. ooooohhh, that's a photograph! - only one thing wrong. too many words!

  2. Fabulous! Great atmosphere - what luck the guys are turned to each other leaving her available to be photographed.

    Now what is a BandW photograph?

  3. I thought you said you don't "do" people! Glad you did her!

  4. Dis moi, tu pourrais traduire tes messages à présent que tu as une visiteuse française régulière. Lorsque notre fille a éét pour la première fois en Allemagne et que nous avons essayé de lire le menu, nous étions complétement perdus. Maintenant même moi je sais :
    A la saison des asperges : les asperges sous toutes leurs formes
    A la saison des girolles, des girolles ensoupe, en accompagnement and so on
    Savoir ce qui est veau, poulet, porc ou viande rouge ainsi que cerf et sanglier
    Dans les poissons : il y a le sandre
    Et bien sûr l'escalope viennoise !

  5. A nice title to your post! Translation of menus is a tough job, even when you think you more or less know the language!

  6. You sure she didn't mean, "Put it away dear...we are in public!"

    Bad Ming, Bad Ming, I know!

  7. HA Ming gets the prize today!! Good one Ming. Bravo on this nervy capture. I haven't worked up to photographing from the next table yet. Maybe I need the beanbag. And Peter does a fine job of translating menus, it's just that the French offer some rather "interesting" dishes that make it bit challenging I think!