Friday, 26 December 2008

The pleasure of living in a northern clime - # 08/293

Bright river, bright party, grey day. Tea for three by the river Thames in Richmond at Christmas.


  1. I love these people talking scenes, and I wish we could do this for a daily photo theme. I should probably suggest it. Where is the dog that belongs to the blue dish??

  2. At first I thought 'Those Brits are tough' and then I realised how beautiful it all is, even tho it might be a bit chilly. The river is fabulous, of course, but I love the surface of the pathway (or whatever it is) - seemed natural, not concrete or even gravel - and a massive tree to sit under and a good ol' British cup of tea - good company and warm woolly hats - yes please! Here we have a raging wind - plants, cushions flying around the terrace and because of the fierce wind it feels v. cold. Anyway...nice photo and yes, where is the dog?

  3. An image like this could be so sad, yet this one not at all. I guess it is because you have included evidence that other people come and go and this is just a frozen moment (sorry!).

  4. Of course I thought this little scene could be Paris until you mentioned the tea. In Paris we would be swilling wine of course or maybe some bubbly. It is a nicely composed photo and an interesting one to look all around. I find yours are often like that. Glad your weather has improved a titch.

  5. "Mustn't grumble...."

  6. I guess you British would never give up the tea tradition, whatever the weather or temperature? Inside would perhaps have been nicer?

  7. Hello from Brazil!
    Congratulations for your wonderful pics! They make me feel nostalgic about the year I spent in Richmond: the place I will always keep in my heart!
    Your pics translate exactly the atmosphere of the charmiest place in London!
    I worked @ The White Cross (Riverside X Waterlane)... if you have the choice, please take this pic: this pub has the most amazing fireplace i've ever seen... it's under a window! If you visit the pub, say hello to Alex n' Debbie for me, please! They're the manager there! ;)