Monday 8 December 2008

Desaturation - Separation - # 08/284

Shining light reflected by water - catching the eye and demanding attention, arresting my thought, uplifting: figures dressed colourfully but separate and alien patrolling dark asphalt: too early to illuminate, too late to expose: only nature is alarmingly bright in leaves that refuse to fall.

I just had to photograph this scene - but I can't work out I why it moved me so much.


  1. I like the way you were satisfied with the dark foreground and didn't push the exposure there. It leaves some mystery for me anyway. Sometimes I think we try too hard to make a "perfect" photograph and just need to leave the photograph alone to be what it is . The water is the star of the show and you let it be.

  2. Whilst you say the figures are separate, in fact they are in groups - a man with a child, people walking together - perhaps what moved you is the beauty of the water, the ducks, families enjoying it all, taking it as a matter of course, doing normal everyday things despite the economy and all the horrors of this world, and then finally, the trees that still cling to their leaves. It talks of everyday courage.

    I find it moving too and I think the above would be my reasoning, except that often we don't need a reason, do we? I often just cry at the beauty of things around me - but don't tell anyone...

    And it's a lovely photograph, Chuckeroon. Did you use a tripod?

  3. Yes, Jilly....something like that. The light on the water was indeed very arresting. The scene demanded that I take notice. I used the bridge parapet to steady the camera. Aperture priority for DoF of the wonderful river light...the camera chose ISO 800 Shutter 1/50th second.