Wednesday 3 December 2008

Cold comfort - # 08/280

The dark river looks very forbidding and unattractive. The quayside is deserted, and the bright lights cry in vain trying to attract visitors to the restaurants and bars. Some will come a little later in the evening, but it's mid-week, and quite cold in that sort of damp unpleasant North-East Wind kind of way that you get used to if you are British.

If you are not sure what a North-East Wind is like, find the city of Hull on the map, and go there in winter. The wind blows straight out of the arctic and bites you in half. It's good for your moral fibre. Eskimos will understand.


  1. As always, I enjoy your commentary as much as your photographs. Eskimos might understand but southerners, not so much. I did a tour of duty in Wisconsin long ago. That might count. Nice photo, let me go turn my heat up.

  2. I suspect that Australian's will wonder what you are on about ...

  3. Your post today is wonderful with both light and dark photographed beautifully. I am just getting over a nasty Midwest cold, and you can have your moral fibre, thank you! I'll do nicely without it!!

  4. Tu es sûr que tu ne parles pas des villes nouvelles écossaises au mois de septembre ; ou des ponts des ferry-boats scandinaves en été la nuit lorsque tu essaies de dormir dans ton sac de couchage ?
    En ces deux endroits seulement au monde (je ne suis pas allée chez toi, je le reconnais) je me suis demandé d’où soufflait le vent : il arrivait de tous cotés
    Les lumières de la ville sont des phares qui scintillent comme des étoiles pour attirer le client et la rivière est une sombre autoroute fraîchement re-goudronnée

  5. I lived in Newcastle for a time. I know that wind, brcaing they call it. Beautifully taken nightscene.

  6. I went into the city last evening to try to experiment with night light. What a trial! I need to do it lots more over the season - for starters the tripod is a challenge. And I also have to work up the courage to set it up wherever required regardless of the people milling. Familiarity should do that ...

    Now to not flood the image with artificial light ... bah humbug ...