Monday 29 December 2008

The eternal Golf Sale - # 08/294

...Hmmmm, well: some of you commented that the previous picture of three people enjoying their cup of tea outdoors was "too cold". Quite right. But just spare a thought for this chap. Day in day out, for roughly 365 days a year, minus the odd day when everything is closed, he advertises what seems to be a permanently on-going sale of golf equipment at knock-down prices. On the coldest days he stands on a tiny square of cardboard to insulate his feet. He is wrapped up so that his face is almost invisible and protected from the wind, and he stands stock still like a statue. Think about him sometimes. Does Tiger Woods even know he exists?


  1. I'd like to see a photo of his face...never satisfied, are we?!

  2. Tiger Woods doesn't know or care. What a way to make a living. Poor guy.
    How on earth could you stand still like that all day??? Now I'm depressed.

  3. I'll never complain again. He must be so cold but goodness, he's got a job which is more than some people will as next year goes on - apparently...if we listen to the media.

  4. Astounding isn't it? A bit like a human-statue but they, at least, get interaction with passers-by and have a limit of maybe an hour each session. Whereas for your guy, it must resemble an isolation cell. Ugh ...