Wednesday 10 December 2008

Bentall's Centre, Kingston - # 08/286

I've been trying to capture a number of things by after dark photography. It's cold, and being down by the Thames, it's damp. Added to that, my "Best Boy and Grip" has got himself a consulting contract that has taken him off to Turkey, so I'm on my own in the cold, damp dark. Worse still...............the Bar Fly is now bereft of support!!!!!

I've also been asked to compile a "coffee table photo book" and this is taking a fair bit of time at the moment.

So, because I'm not producing anything on Richmond upon Thames DP that is in the slightest bit engaging, annoying or amusing at the moment, I think I must step back for while and re-group and rebuild my strength. I'll be back, but I'm not sure when. Thanks to all of you who have been such good companions.


  1. Beautiful picture! There is a bit of mystery about it, and colours are amazingly soft.

    Hope you'll be back soon for I love your photos.

  2. Hey, I find you engaging and amusing! Can't recall you being annoying, though. Regroup and rebuild, and we'll be here when you return!

  3. Yes, Stuart. Life can get in the way sometimes - as I know only too well. Keep warm and enjoy some moments.

  4. Hi Roon! With a 48h day I would have time to enjoy your blog more often; shame on the time controller… ;))
    Don't be away too long; we'll miss you...
    Meanwhile Blogtrotter will be departing Tunisia 2007 soon, but managed to keep the delay in posting on twelve (12) months only. Great achievement… ;)) Enjoy while it lasts, and have a great weekend!

  5. No, no...!

    OK. You have after all the right to take some time off, but not for long!

  6. Asked to produce a coffee table book, now that's a grand project! I hope you have a great time working on that. No wonder you're letting us down, you've got better to do - sigh!

    We'll miss you but just like Peter I hope you won't be away for long.

  7. You will be missed! I'll be in line to buy the coffee table book.

    Hurry back!

  8. Oh my! Don't be gone too long. I for one will miss your wonderful photographs and commentary. I will however but my name on the list with Jilly to purchase one. Look forward to your return .

  9. I'm trying again to comment. Blogger doesn't like or your settings are only for blogspot commentators ...

    And another one who is taking a break. Have a good one and all the best for you, Chuckeroon.

  10. I used to lives there. It´s overwhelming see all the well-known places.