Sunday 15 April 2007

The cafes of Richmond 8 - # 78

The Hollyhock Cafe in Terrace Gardens has the most beautiful outlook of all the Richmond cafes. Looking across the lawns and the formal flower beds you can see the Thames and take in the sweep of the world famous view. Do click on my Karl Moritz link on the right and find his Richmond section. A lot of what he says is still true today.


  1. A very nice and relaxing place to have a coffee. Looks like you and I have started a new theme...cafes of the world!!! Hee hee!!

  2. According to your suggestion, I've started reading the Karl Moritz diaries. Quite fascinating - and as you say, some things haven't changed for the foreigner afoot in England.
    I never knew this cafe - looks very inviting.

  3. It is a lovely view. Years ago my mind would have conjured up my sitting there with a cup of hot coffee and either my corncob pipe or a cigarette. Puffing away, sipping the coffee and allowing my eyes to wander back and forth taking in the view. A view like this one "has to be shared" or it is nothing.

    I also liked the comment the Mortiz fellow made. Bribing the customs house officials to the tune of 6 shillings seemed like the thing to do then. I wonder if people can still do that say flying in from somewhere.

    Nice post.

    Abraham Lincoln

  4. hee hee....nice place to stay i think so too.
    can people log online too?? if could, wonderful to sit there and surf online to see our DP community.

    nice sunday.

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  5. what a great place to spend the sunday afternoon! Enjoy a cup of tea for me! :)

  6. what a nice way to chill out and relax during the weekends and snap some pictures.

    -My brothers would love the lawn!

    Have a great week!

  7. *siiiiiiiiiigh*
    So pretty.