Friday 20 April 2007

I 'ad that blue geezer from Dubai in my cab the other day - # 83

The London Licensed Black Cab driver must acquire a detailed knowledge of the streets before he can get a licence You are guaranteed a good conversation on any subject thanks to a cabby's enormous knowledge of everything which he gains from talking to his selection of world famous passengers. On entering a cab the conversation might open with "Ah, a camera! Keen photographer are we? Well I 'ad that blue geezer from Dubai in my cab the other day........" and so on. Keen followers of City Daily Photo can now rush to Dubai Daily Photo to feast their eyes on "that blue geezer".


  1. An interesting pic Chuckeroon! Yes...indeed the knowledge of the London Cabbie is world renowned. It takes some time to actually learn it all and take the test. Thanks for visiting Toruń DP. I have replied to your comments about Copernicus!!!

  2. street view.
    :) well, in shanghai, i seldom saw the cabby standing there and talking....most of them drive the cab around the city to try to find more business.

    shanghai daily photo

  3. haha 'roon you lovable loon!

    Oh - London cabbies are one thing that makes London great. NYC cabbies are interesting I guess, but in the world league - London black taxis are the best.

    Dubai taxis are a bit hit and miss (if you're lucky!)

    Cheers and greetings from the sandpit,

    The Blue One From Dubai!

  4. Another nice photograph and text that prompted me to remember the Japanese taxi drivers in Tokyo in 1953. They were called Kamakazi drivers for in those days, Tokyo had almost no working traffic lights and no stop signs and only here and there a police officer standing on a wooden box directing traffic.

    These taxi drivers only knew one speed and that was wide open with the peddle to the metal. And that plus a screaming horn, never ending, and people fainting out of the way, permantely aged me and damaged my sense of right and wrong, forever.

    I came to thank you for visiting my blog, yesterday, and for your comments about Patty's last radiation treatment. She was so pleased that I heard from so many people, including Eric, and I know it made her day extra-special. She was also surprised that some of you also visited her blog and left comments there. So thank you for your visit and comments. Being new to the community, it was a big surprise to us. Thanks again.

    Abe and Patty Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  5. Had lunch at the Eiffel tower with a London cabbie, courtesy of a city sights tour we were doing there. Most entertaining conversation!